Monthly Archives: April 2012

one hundred and eighteen

(It’s April 29th.)

Today was Sarah’s ballet recital. 2 words: soooooo cute. She looked precious. I didn’t take a picture, which I’m so sad about, but picture this–tiny bun with hair gelled back, tiny tiara, pink fluffy costume with silver sequins, little ballet shoes. It was very sweet. I remember those days and they were good…


one hundred and seventeen

(It’s April 28th.)

I went to Dr. Bombay’s today to wait for Tar to finish his shift. Sarah Levine was there writing her thesis like a mad woman, so we talked a little bit. Best part–a wedding shower left a bottle of champagne and Charlie poured Sarah and I free mimosas! Nice little afternoon surprise.

one hundred and sixteen

(It’s April 27th.)

I went up to Atlanta today to hang out with Tar. Well, not really just Tar, but Tar and his roomies. It was just some porch sittin evening fun. And Manuel’s Tavern. And good talks with Kathryn Yates. God bless her little heart. I love that girl.

One hundred and sixteen

(It’s April 26th.)

Today I pinterested. Not like actually got on Pinterest and pinned, but I actually took the ideas from Pinterest and pinterested (imagine that?!). What I made turned out really great, but I can’t post a pic because it’s for someone who potentially might read the blog. I know she will love it though!

One hundred and fifteen

(It’s April 25th.)

Charlie came down for dinner tonight. Dud had a pot roast in the crock pot all day and I made some brownies. Now, let me just say that brownies definitely are not my specialty. Cookies and cakes I can do, but somehow my brownies never turn out quite right. They’re too cakey. I need more practice!

One Hundred and Fourteen

(It’s April 24th.)

Driving to yoga today, there was not an ounce of traffic. An afternoon-in-Atlanta miracle!! We were a little late leaving and the biggest problems we had were finding a parking spot and finding a spot in class.

One Hundred and Thirteen

(It’s April 23rd. You’d think I’d learn to just keep this updated, but I forget!!)

It was coooold today. Well, cooooold for Georgia in April. I kind of liked it though. I like snuggling up at night under 3 blankets and getting all cozy.

One hundred and twelve

Ok. I have to share these 2 sites I Stumbled Upon, because they have made me laugh out loud.

1. 63 Reasons Why Boy Bands Were Better In the 90’s. With appearances by N*SYNC, BSB, NKOTB, 98 Degrees, Boyz 2 Men, etc.

2. 13 Simple Steps to Get You Through a Tough Day. Featuring–what we all need to name the alarm on our phones:  “If Britney Spears could make it through 2007, you can make it through today.” 

I promise these 2 pages will make your day infinitely better. In fact, I guarantee it.

One Hundred and Eleven

(It’s April 21st.)

I went to one of my best highschool friend’s weddings tonight!! Brandi Renee Black married Brian Vanhorne. It was sooooo beyond cute. The reception was totally Pinterest and Anthropolgie all jumbled into one.

After Bran had changed into her shorter “party dress” out of the big poofy wedding dress (which I think is an awesome idea!), I went out on the dance floor and told her I loved her dress and she made my night. She said “I knew you would love it! When I was planning the reception and when I bought this dress I was thinking ‘Brit’s going to LOVE my wedding!!!’ I knew you would love it!” And I totally loved it! She knows me so well! 🙂

Not only did I get to share in Bran’s joy, but one of the other highschool (well really we go back to 1st grade) besties drove to the wedding with us! Natalie Fain. Ohhhh Nat. How do I even describe Nat? Well, to make a long explanation short, my twin. Non was like “I think you 2 were separated at birth.” I loooove her. Love her. And the best part about us is that we literally haven’t hung out in 5 or 6 years, but we picked right back up. We didn’t take many pictures, but here are a couple Nat took with her phone.

Little grandpa couldn't handle the rap music. He sat like this literally for 10 minutes.

Nat and Me!!!

One Hundred And Ten

(It’s April 20th.)

I went to yoga this morning and then went home, napped, took a shower, and went up to Woodward to watch Stratton’s dance performance. Lovely!! Her group really was the best.

Mom and I ate dinner at The Brake Pad in College Park. They have delicious Bloody Marys. Like in my top 3.

I want one now.