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three hundred and three

I ate at Hummus Bar AND Frici Papa today.

2 great meals in one day?! That’s insane!!

Tomorrow, Tar and I are leaving on the 6:30 am bus for Prague. Because it leaves so early and it’s already midnight here maybe we’ll sleep most of the way?! That would be right on!!!

Also…had a bad day/good day/normal day but want to see something so cute to make your day better/even better?! Click here!! (And I challenge you NOT to yawn!!)


three hundred and two

I walked up to the castle to get some little trinkets today! 🙂 It was chilly outside, but sunny! Yayyy!

I wish I had had my camera because there were so many beautiful moments today that I had to will myself to just remember. My memory does not serve me well. At least, it doesn’t serve me as well as it should. But, I doubt a picture would have done these moments justice, so it’s ok!

Also, I heard more Spanish today than I’ve heard the whole time I’ve been here. I wanted them to take me back with them to wherever they were from.

Just not Spain. I prefer me some Latin America.

three hundred and one

Can I just say that I can’t believe it’s only 2 months until Christmas?? It seems like it was just January.

It was COLD today! I didn’t leave the flat. I even turned on the heat for about an hour!! We have radiators, and my room is tiiiiny, so it retains heat pretty well!! If you know me, you know that this is a very, very good thing!

Doesn’t it just look cold outside??


And of course, one of Aggy.

Too cold for us outside!

three hundred

(It’s Oct. 28th.)

We went to a new cafe today to google/write/translate/read. It was pretty cool. I like Eco Cafe more, but this one has more stuff. I got a delicious cup of hot cocoa. Apparently hot chocolate here is just melted chocolate (and let’s be honest…probably some heavy cream), so the hot cocoa is more like our hot chocolate. I don’t really know why anyone would want to sip on straight up melted chocolate, but to each his own!

two hundred and ninety nine

Not much to report today because I literally stayed in bed ALL DAY. It’s a good thing though because it was rainy all day long.

The upside is that I feel muuuuuuuch, much better. Hopefully tomorrow I can do something productive. Even if it is just going to get coffee or something minor. Hopefully the weather will be nicer!

I’ll leave you with this precious video.

two hundred and ninety eight

Finally I’m caught up!!! That is definitely a positive!

I’ve been chillaxing for the past 2 days because I can feel myself getting sick. It’s moved from my chest to my throat. I’ve been drinking tea and hot drinks like nobody’s business. Tonight, Charlie made me some ginger tea with honey and I didn’t even ask him to do it. What a nice bro.

I’m really hoping this doesn’t escalate into something more that just a little sore throat…

Agnes darted out the door today when we came home from dinner and wouldn’t come back. After worrying about her for like 30 minutes, we went and saw that she was ouside in the courtyard. Charlie and I rounded her up and he picked her up and brought her back into the house. Whew. We were getting awfully nervous!

two hundred and ninety seven

(It’s October 25th.)

Karen left this morning to go back to Prague… 😦 We’ll see her literally next Thursday though. haha.

My chest is starting to feel a little bit tight? Nooooooo.

two hundred and ninety six

(It’s October 24th.)

It’s TAR’S BDAY TODAY!!! He’s 24 on the 24th!!

To celebrate the day of his birth, we (Karen, Zach and I) made him a birthday feast! Bourbon chicken, mashed potatoes, Mim’s mac and cheese, sliced tomatoes, bread, and cinnamon coffee cake!! And sweet tea!! It was pretty glorious. Tar’s tummy hurt, but he drudged through and ate what we cooked him. I think it might have even healed him! After, some friends came over and we hung out for awhile and laughed a lot.

I’m so thankful to have Char in my life. He’s a great brother. Mimi always said we’d grow up and be best friends. I don’t know if we’re best friends, but he’s pretty high up on my list! I love him.

Here are some pics to commemorate his 24th!

the birthday boyyyy!

the birthday boyyyy!

the exchanging of presents

2 kinds of peanut butter?!

And his fave print from Printa?!

And some cool pens for note taking?!

Karen bought him an “I’m Sorry” card because she didn’t know how to say “Happy Birthday” in Hungarian. haha.

Presents rule!!



Fun times


two hundred and ninety five

(It’s October 23rd.)

Not gonna lie…the train ride was LONG today. And I had way too much time to think. It was a rough day, but I guess I can’t complain. This weekend was great and we had a lot of fun together!

No pics! Sorry!!

two hundred and ninety four

(It’s October 22nd.)

Today is our last full day in Belgrade. To be honest, we took it kind of easy all day. We walked to the market and got some breakfast (lunch) and then walked around for the rest of the day. We walked along the river and happened to find a bar right by the railroad tracks and we proceeded to watch the sunset for the 3rd night in a row!!! If I owned a bar, it would be exactly like the one we hung out at. Perfection.

Here are some pictures we took!!


We found a really cool vintage store on a side street.

Vintage coats

Vintage shop

An old woman came to the window and asked us where we were from. Karen told her New York. She told us she was in a “New York state of mind”. Precious.

Grey streets

Right On graffiti


Railroad tracks

River bar


It only looks like a lot of money…

Tar eating breakfast

Cool door!


Boats on the river