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two hundred and eleven

Today is PAPPY’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

92 years old. Can you even believe it?

We went out to breakfast this morning with he and Mimi. I asked Pap if he thought he’d ever make it to see the year 2012 and he told me “You know…I never really thought about it! But I’m here!”

I love him so much. He is the epitome of just a straight up good person. I’m grateful to have an example like him in my life.

Wearing one of his many hats. This one just happens to be hairy!


two hundred and ten

(It’s July 30th.)

The Kiesshauers came over for dinner tonight!! It’s the first time I’ve seen them in two months…waaaay too long.

It’s also the 2nd time I’ve seen their precious little baby, Brin. She is beautiful and funny and tiny and chubby cheeked. hahaha. It was so great to hang out with them and talk about everything. I miss it so so so!

two hundred and nine

(It’s July 29th.)

Since we only had about 5 or 6 hours to get home, we took it easy this morning. We decided to stop in Chattanooga to have lunch and walk around a bit. What a precious little city.

We ate at a place called Cheeburger Cheeburger. It was delicious. Like an old timey diner place. It’s a chain, but the burgers are so good, you’d never know it. They also had REAL cherry coke. I’m into that. A lot!

After lunch, we walked around the outside of the TN Aquarium. They have a bunch of sculptures mixed with water. There were tons of families out and kids playing in the fountain/sculptures. Quite lovely. We walked down the TN River, which was actually the beginning of the Trail of Tears. They have a bunch of monuments and plaques (written in Cheerokee!! and English)  commemorating the Native Americans that died in the horrible trek.

Phil swam in the river. Jumped off of a peer post. Like 10 feet into the water. I envied him because I wanted to do it too. I wish Claudia had the pictures posted, but I don’t have a picture. Just know that it was awesome.

After about 2 hours, we got back on the road and made it home for supper. Mrs. Cynthia Linkous had some wonderful cold salads prepared for us on arrival. We ate together and talked about the wedding. I got to hold and pet the precious kitty Atticus and then it was time for me to be on my merry way. Another hour to drive home. The Linkous’ graciously offered me a night in their house, but I declined in order to just get the last leg of the journey over with!

It was so sad saying goodbye to David and Claudia! It was such a great weekend of speaking Spanish and hearing Spanish and thinking in Spanish. It made me really miss having to do that. A lot. Like it made me want to move to a Spanish speaking country again. I think I’ve already said this, but I really like Chilean Spanish!

two hundred and eight

(It’s July 28th.)

We started our journey home today, but not before we stopped by Chicago to walk around and most importantly….


I love Darius. And I’ve missed him so since our hang out time in Mexico in August of 2010. It had been wayyyy too long.

So anyways, Darius lives in Chicago, and since Philip knows him too, we just hung out all the afternoon long! There was a big group of us actually. Michael and Heather, Clau and David, Greg, Frizz’s cousin, and the list goes on!

We walked around, ate hamburgers, walked some more, went up to the 96th floor of the John Hancock building for drinks, walked some more, hung out, and laughed a lot. It seems like the more I update this thing, the more that “laughing” and “hanging out” is mentioned in my posts. That makes me very happy because those are 2 of my favorite things to do…besides eat and look at Hayden.

The view from the girls’ bathroom was INCREDIBLE!!! I mean, it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. I guess when you’re approx. 1,000 feet up in the air looking down on a city, it tends to be pretty amazing.

We (sadly) left Darius and Chicago at about 5ish and headed for home. We decided to just drive as far as we could and then spend the night in a hotel. So…we drove and drove and drove to Bowling Green, KY (almost to Chattanooga) and spent the night there. The hotel was pretty cheap and it was a double with mirrors on the wall. In the words of David “I don’t know why a room with 2 beds would have mirrors, but whatever…” hahaha. Well put!

What a great, great day. Oh! And I kept Phil awake in the carride finding awesome rap videos and ICP’s Miracles. Take a look at this little jewel of a video/blog. I hope it makes you laugh as hard as it made us laugh. We both agreed that might be the hardest we’ve ever laughed in our lives.       (DISCLAIMER: it has some language…)

two hundred and seven

(It’s July 27th.)

The day is finally here!! Amy Fulton and Andres Valencia will be joined in Holy matrimony!!

Would you believe that I sat around all day and was then 20 minutes late for the wedding?? If you know me, you probably would believe that. BUT, I swear, this time it’s not my fault!!

The wedding started at 4, so Clau called one of the groomsmen’s wives and asked her what time she was leaving. She said that he told her to leave at 3:30 and we’d get there in plenty of time. It was a group of about 8 plus the flower girl. And then we hit it…

…the road block.

It took us 50 minutes to get to the church! Seriously. We thought our only saving grace was that the flower girl was with us, but we arrived at the church and the wedding had already started. I was so ready to cry…but I didn’t get my chance.

Other than us not getting to see the BEAUTIFUL Amy (wearing one of the best, most classic wedding dresses I’ve seen in my life) walk down the aisle and seeing Frizz’s face receiving her, the wedding was great. (Amy–I hope you don’t mind me using this picture…?!)

See what I mean about this dress?? (And her ring bearer was precious!)

We went back to the hotel (and I TOTALLY got to drive the Prius. I want one. Anybody got about $20,000 laying around?!)to catch the shuttle to the reception and hang outttt!

The reception had a cocktail hour with delicious delicacies and , of course, cocktails flowing strong. We then migrated into the ballroom and sat down for a 5 course dinner. Super formal and super worth it. It was obvious that every detail was doted on and finalized. The food was great, the speeches were sweet (I got to have my cry during the speeches), and the cake was delicious!

Dinner was followed by dancing and drinking and laughing and hanging out. It was wonderful. And because I didn’t have a date (Yuyo couldn’t go because of work), the wonderful Heather and Michael Quiggle let me hang out and laugh with them. It was real easy. They are awesome.

I have to hand it to Frizz and Amy…they didn’t leave until the shuttle came to pick us up from the reception. They stuck it out and partied with the best and worst of us.

Overall, the night was wonderful and I am soooooo (times a million) happy that I went. I was so proud of Frizz and so glad that I was considered one of “his” people.

Se que vas a leer mi post, Frizz, entonces quiero decirle que eres una persona muy especial en mi vida. Cuando nos vemos, me siento que nada de tiempo ha pasado. Siempre me pregunta de mi familia, de mi vida, de mi plan y siempre tiene las intenciones mejores para mi vida, cachai? (Aprendi muchas palabras chilenas en el fin de tu boda y me encantan!!). Te quiero mucho y se que Amy es la mujer perfecta para ti.

Les quiero muchisimo y siempre tienen casa en Atlanta por si quieren ir al museo de coke o algo asi. jajaja. Besotes a los dos tenis champ!

two hundred and six

(It’s July 26th.)

We arrived to Chi town today after horrible traffic. Well, actually it’s not really Chicago, Chicago, it’s Mt. Prospect. We arrived at the hotel and then had to prepare to go to the rehersal and the dinner. I was so happy that Frizz and Amy planned on my for the rehersal dinner even though I didn’t have an official job in the wedding! The food was DELICIOUS.

3 words: Chicago. Style. Pizza.

It was sooo goooood. It’s been fun talking with people I haven’t seen in forever and some I haven’t even met (well now I have).

After a lovely dinner, we went back to the hotel–the men folk had to go play soccer after a meal that would make a glutton queasy–and played Banana Grams. Soooo fun. If you’ve never played it, you should!

Then it was off to bed for the big day tomorrow!!

Two hundred and five

(It’s July 25th.)

We left today at about 12 pm for Chicago.

I arrived at the Linkous’ house and got some hot breakfast! Totally not expecting that, but it was delicious!

After LOTS of Spanish (and getting recalibrated into a Spanish state of mind…but Chilean Spanish, which I love!) and lots of driving, we stopped in Nashville to hang out with some of Phil’s cousins. They were super warm and inviting. We hung out in their precious house for a bit and then they took us to a ballin Italian restaurant. I got a Caprese Panini. Picture this: mozzarella, tomatoes, pesto, and garlic on a grilled and pressed sandwich. Ahhhh. I want it nowwww!!

We got back on the road and drove to Louisville to stay with an awesome guy named Greg…who is part of the Chilean Globalscope team…and his family. His parents were so kind to let us stay there and cook us breakfast! It was definitely a beacon in the cold, dark night. haha.

The day was great so far, and speaking Spanish 24/7 makes me want to move to a Spanish speaking country and get good again…

…maybe Chile?! Seria bacan!! jaja.

two hundred and four

(It’s July 24th.)

Because the Linkous boys are in town and also the Chilean couple, Claudia and David, are in town, Non and Dud decided to invite the whole family over for dinner.

What nice people.

It was so fun hanging out and getting to be in the presence of positive people for a lovely evening. (Not that the people I know aren’t positive, but you know what I mean…)

Also, Charlie’s roommates came down from Atlanta. Straight up hang out time with one of my faves, Kathrynnnn. Love that lady.

two hundred and three

(It’s July 23rd.)

Tonight we went out for drinks at El Myr for Nathan’s bday. There were some good laughs and good talks. I also got to try the famous “Grizz”.

“What is a Grizz?” you might ask.

It’s a mini bottle of  Corona with a half shot of Tequila in the neck (with a lime, of course!). Good grief it was wonderful!! New favorite drink!

Two hundred and one

(It’s July 22nd.)

We ate lunch with Mud today at BBQ Kitchen. Delish.

I also decided that I’m going to GO TO FRIZZ AND AMY’S WEDDING!!!!!!!

Mom and Dad said they’d lend me the money to go.

I’m seriously so pumped. Philip Linkous and a couple from Chile, David and Claudia are driving up to Chicago for the wedding and that is perfect, because the flight plus a hotel room was going to be too expensive. I’m going to share a room with David and Claudia. I’m so grateful to them for it! It’s going to be awesome.