Monthly Archives: August 2012

two hundred and forty two


This is so happy and positive in itself!! (Not to be a drama queen or anything?!)

I love my friends and fam! To anyone in the past month that has given me advice/encouragement of any kind. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Really. Besos!


two hundred and forty one

(It’s August 30th.)

Strat and I had a lovely dinner at Zoe’s Kitchen tonight. I didn’t know we had one in ATL…so this made me verrry, very happy!! Also, Target has more cute clothes now than they have in a looong time!!

Fall is a comin!!


Two hundred and forty

(It’s August 29th.)

Today was a day of babysitting! I picked the girls up from school and we stayed in College Park and had dinner with Non. It was fun and funny. haha.

Quote of the night:

Sarah: “Sometimes when I need to go to the bathroom really bad, my lips start tingling. And then they get kinda dry and that’s how I know I need to go to the bathroom.”
Me and Strat: “Really? That’s really weird?!”
Sarah: “I know! That’s really weird, isn’t it?”

two hundred and thirty nine

(It’s August 28th.)

Today was kind of rough. Not gonna lie. But tonight, Zach journeyed down to Fay to get some stuff Tar needs in Buda and (mostly) to see Hayden Leery.

Hay was being soooo sweet. Like it was redic. And Zach finally got to smell his Frito paws…

two hundred and thirty eight

(It’s August 27th.)

I went to help the lovely Kathryn Yates with some Español (even though I feel like I didn’t do much) and to just hang out!

We went to dinner at La Fonda. Drank margs (strawberry and pomegranate). Talked drama. You know…the total usual. I love her.  A lot. I’m so glad we’ve grown closer over the year.

We got home, watched some Office eps (if you’ve never watched Gay Witch Hunt [Season 3, Episode 1] or The Convict, aka Prison Mike [S3, Ep 9], you need to. ASAP.) Zach came down and we all hung out and then went a party until laaate. It was quite a Monday night!

(Sorry the quality is so bad, but it’s still really funny…)

two hundred and thirty seven

Today was a pretty lazy day because I got home so late last night.

I did go hang with Lis. It’s been a minute since we saw each other, so we had a lot to catch up on!

It had also been a minute since I’d done anything with my eyebrows, so she waxed them with her new wax! They look great! If you ever need waxing done, I really recommend her!

two hundred and thirty six

(It’s August 25th.)

I went with Non over to Senoia to look at some antiques. They have some pretty cute shops over there!

This evening, MIR CAME OVER and hung out!! It was wonderful! Our original plan was to make fattening pinterest food and watch FNL or DA, but instead we just straight up chilled and talked for like 4 hours. It was pure bliss. She’s such a postive, unique, humble, funny, precious person. It warms my heart to call her my friend!

After Mir left, I puttered up to ATL to hang out with some folks. It was awesome.

And I think I might have devised a new plan for this year?! Updates to follow…

two hundred and thirty five

(It’s August 24th.)

Today wasn’t such a hot day, BUT this evening/night I went over to Joy’s house and we just chilled!

We carried out our usual tradition of Tombstone and DVR’d programs. This time it was The Client List and So You Think You Can Dance. DVRing is so nice bc you don’t have to sit through 50 million commercials!!

two hundred and thirty four

(It’s August 23rd.)

Aw mannnn. I dropped Tar off at the airport this morning. It actually wasn’t that sad, though. hahaha. I mean, I do wish we were still in the same place, but I’ll see him soon!

I also watched a Mexican film I’d been wanting to see since we left. It’s called Labios Rojos. It was on Netflix, so I just watched it. it was pretty funny. I just love watching flims made in Mexico because it makes me feel warm inside.

The bad thing is that it makes me miss all of the Mexican things that are not in my life anymore… 😦

two hundred and thirty three

(It’s August 22nd.)

Dang. Tonight, Mir came over for dinner and then we played an intense game of Phase 10.

It was def a good send off for Tar.

We also got to have cookie cake for dessert! (Fat girl confession: Charlie didn’t even really want cookie cake, but I did…so I found an occasion to buy one, but claimed Charlie said he wanted cookie cake…)