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one hundred and forty

(It’s May 21st.)

Today is Mim’s 88th birthday!! She was born in 1924. Crazy, huh?! She’s so awesome. One of the funniest, cutest, most happy women that I know. I love her a lot.

We had Mim, Pap, and Joy over for dinner. Dud made spaghetti! Deliciousness I tell you. Pure deliciousness. Happy bday Mim!!

Update: I totally forgot that Lis and I went to visit her Mom’s school to go see one of her favorite students. Jordan. Little precious Mexican boy. He was the cutest thing ever. hahahaha. Makes me so happy just thinking about it.


one hundred and thirty nine

(It’s May 20th.)

Sadly, I had to leave Mexico. Although two weeks was a good amount to stay, I’m sad that I don’t get to see Yuyo everyday. Long distance is hard sometimes, but it’s always the worst physically leaving. Once we’re both home (alone) it’s never as bad as you think it’s going to be.

I got 1st class again on the journey home (which is allllways a plus!!) and I got to see my tiny precious puppy Hay Hay. He’s the most presh thing ever.

one hundred and thirty eight

(It’s May 19th.)

Ahhhh. People. Today was a day dreams are made of.

This is what I ate for lunch. You really should be jealous. I’ll just tell you right now.

This dish is Estrujadas estilos veracruzana con salsa de cacahuate

After a delicious lunch, we went to the famous park in Monterrey, Parque Fundidora. Bascially, there are huuuuge ovens where they used to melt iron that they mined here in Mty. These ovens are gigantic. Very impressive. Anyways, it’s a thing of the past, so they turned them into museums and resaturants and stuff. It was really, really cool. They have a cine and foto museum, a museum about the iron ovens, you can rent bikes or roller blades, there are lots of families and couples having picnics and walking around. It was such a great afternoon. Here are some pics from the mini adventure.

Famous mountain called Cerro de la Silla (Saddle Mtn.) You can see those 2 peaks look like a saddle, hints the name Saddle Mtn!

These are some of the ovens in the factory. They are huge!

Yuyo as an iron worker

Notice how long the apron is on me…I don’t think I would have been quiiite as useful in the factory

Pipes and whatnot

Que pareja tan guapaaa!!!

View from the tip top of the foundry!

Cerro de la silla

After a lovely day at the park, we went to see La Casa de Mi Padre with Will Ferrell, Gael Garcia Bernal (who happens to be on my “Top 10 List of Beautiful People. Mind, Body, and Soul”), and Diego Luna. Ohhh my gosh. Funnny. We were both laughing out loud through the whole movie. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the funniest thing ever. It’s a Will Ferrell movie, but it helps to love Mexico when you’re watching it. Not only because of the Mexican Spanish, but also because of the general usage of Mexican AND American stereotypes and culture. Some of them are spot on.

Anyways, it was a lovely end to a wonderful trip. And the best part was being able to hang out with Yuyo for 2 straight weeks!!

one hundred and thirty seven

(It’s May 18th.)

Yuyo only had to work until 3 today, so when he got home, we went to run some errands.

If you’ve ever lived/studied abroad/spent a good amount of time in Mexico (I’m sure this is true for some other countries too…) you come to realize that the 2 WORST places to deal with are the bank and Telcel. At both of these places, nothing is EVER easy. Nothing can be solved by one person. Nothing seems to have an answer. And there is always a fine that needs to be paid for something you forgot to do or didn’t pay for the last time you were in. Kinda like the 90’s version of Blockbuster. So needless to say, Yuyo went into the bank to deposit a check into his account and we ended up having to saty there for 30 minutes trying to solve the problem of his blocked debit card.

We finished with that, ate some dinner, and saw the Avengers. Good night.

Oh. The only good thing from the bank experience. You’re welcome.



one hundred and thirty six

I get on YouTube kicks where I just type “puppies” into the search box. I can’t help it. It brings me more joy than a lot of things in life.

Puppies just love attention. They don’t care who you are, what you look like, how much you have, they just love you. And there’s something so endearing about that whole concept. We should all be more like puppies!

Anyways, I came across this scuba diving dog. It’s hilarious. Click through to the youtube link and look at the first comment on the video. It’s also hilarious.

one hundred and thirty five

(It’s May 16th.)

I made chili tonight for dinner…and it was DELICIOUS. We sat outside and ate our dinner in the delicious, breezy climate of Mty. Also, this:

The music is perfect. And those puppies. I could die. Literally, I can’t watch it without crazy woman laughing at how freaking precious they are. Cute attack for real.

One hundred and thirty four

(It’s May 15th.)

Tuesday, Tuesday. I’ve found my favorite day of TV in Mexico is Tuesday. hahaha. 2 episodes of Grey’s AND Private Practice?! That’s what’s up.

We also watched the movie The Beaver tonight. Kind of weird, but it wasn’t as stupid as I thought it was going to be.

one hundred and thirty three

(It’s May 14th.)

After a glorious 3 day weekend, it’s back to being by myself all day…:( BUT, that’s not positive.

Today I constructed the patio table that Yuyo bought with my own two hands. (Or, I followed the directions and put some screws there they were supposed to go…) It’s super nice to be able to sit outside. Because all of the windows in Yuyo’s apt have roman shades (which are so nice privacy wise), it’s really dark. It’ll be nice this week to sit outside in the breezy shade. The weather is awesome!

I posted this picture on FB of me sitting, with my freshly washed hair, at the new patio table.

Fruit punch and a new table

one hundred and thirty two

(It’s May 13th.)

Happy Mother’s Day to the best Mom and grandmothers everrrrr!!

They have all done things for me, given me opportunities, and believed in me to the point that I feel like the world is my oyster! I love all 3 of them for that.

Mim and I at my graduation party

Mud and I at my graduation party

Non and I at Teotihuacan

one hundred and thirty one

(It’s May 12th.)

After yesterday, walking around at the outlets allllllll day and then getting to eat dinner at Longhorn, we came to 2 conclustions: 1) there are a lot of people that look like shorty, stubby toads in McAllen, Texas and 2) we both really like Texas. Not McAllen specifially. I would like to live in a city. But, it’s a good climate and the sky goes on forever. I like that.

Today we finished shopping early. And after Yuyo bought out Target, we decided to skip the extra night and just drive back to be in Monterrey by the evening.

Yuyo got through all the checkpoints without having to declare anything (even though what he spent was waaaaay over the amount you technically have without having to declare anything to the Mexi gov’t). And we made it back to the city by about 6:30. Just in time for dinner!