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Hey you…yeah you!!

Do you need some nice golf clubs??

Ok. Do you know somebody that needs some nice golf clubs?

It’s your lucky day!

Check this out.
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(Ping G2 HL/ Orange dot/ 4 & 5 Irons–LIKE NEW, TOO!!)


One hundred and seventy two

Today was the second day of the yard sale. Business was SLOOOOOW. They only sold $60 total of stuff today. Bummer. The rest they took to Goodwill. Not so bummer.

I also got to meet Charlie, Lisa’s beau, tonight!! I approve! I just know she was waiting for that…haha. So we laid out by the pool all afternoon and then ate at Johnny’s. Lots of laughs indeed!!

one hundred and seventy one

(It’s June 22nd.)

We got home from the cabin so late last night, that I just spent the night with Lisa because we had to wake up at 6:15 am to help with the yard sale.

Of course we didn’t (couldn’t) go to sleep until about 3:30 am. Yeah.

We were troopers though. I got to speak a lot of Spanish today!! It was great. We also saw Yuyo’s yard-working twin. He was precious, of course. He bought the foosball table for his little boy. He was lovin just socializing with us. Too bad Yuyo wasn’t there, he could have sold to the Mexican crowd!

one hundred and seventy

(It’s June 21st.)

Lis and I ventured to Amicalola Falls today. Soooo beautiful.

And we met the most BAMF guy ever.

He was an older man, probably in his sixties. We were behind him at the base of the falls, and stopped to take pictures right before the set of 600 stairs (seriously), so naturally, he kept walking. When we started up the first mini set of stairs, he passed us…running down them. We stopped again to take pictures, and when we started the second massive set of stairs, he was right behind us climbing them again. He was a super nice guy, saying hi to everyone, encouraging everyone doing the stair challenge. When we got to the top (we didn’t stop once, thank you very much!), he congratulated us and told us we were strong. We started talking to him, telling him that he was our hero for exercising these stairs, and come to find out, he (with his running club) in October is running from Savannah, GA to Monterey, CA. Yes. That’s a CA. As in California. On Wednesdays, he trains 8 hours on the stairs and on Tuesdays and Thursdays he trains 10 hours. A day. Running up and down stairs. That’s the way to do it people. He is the ish.

Anyways, here are some pictures from our mini adventure.

Let’s hike to Maine?

Base of the falls

600 stairs later…

And the top of the falls!

All quiet on the trail

one hundred and sixty nine

(It’s June 20th.)

Oh happy dayyyyyy!!! We got to the cabin today around 6 pm. Just in time to make dinner!

First, we had to make a stop at the Ellijay Walmart…because you know it’s the best people watching around, then we went up the mountain, cooked dinner and watched movies.

Birdsong. That’s what the movie is called. It’s Masterpiece Classic. The boy in the movie is sooo goodlooking. We watched different parts over and over again just to gawk. Oh Stephen…

(Stephen doesn’t look attractive AT ALL in the title poster on imdb. Doesn’t do him a bit of justice…)

one hundred and sixty eight

(It’s June 19th.)

Today was a Bowen-filled day!!

We went to the Bowen’s to drop off yard sale items, then I stayed and helped Lis with her online class stuff. Hoooly moly that stuff is so confusing. We seriously worked for like 5 hours on one assignment. And of course, the teachers are not very helpful. BUT the positive thing is that she finished what she needed to, so we’re going to the cabin tomorrow!!!

After that, we went and got Chickfila for the whole fam. It was actually pretty good!

one hundred and sixty seven

(It’s June 18th.)

Today I woke up to find out I was being contracted the whole week to help with a yard sale held by the lovely Sherry Boynton and Cindy Bowen (Lis’s mom).

We brought EVERYTHING from the basement to the garage, went through it, sorted it, and priced it. Whewwww!!

one hundred and sixty seven

(It’s June 17th.)

Father’s Day is here people!! I hope you had fun with and/or thinking about your fathers/father figures. It’s days like these that you grow ever so thankful to have a good father in your life (if you do, indeed, have one). Someone who is caring, always there for you, and that shows you unconditional love is so important in a relationship with a father, and I have that!

Thanks Dud. You’re weird and awesome all wrapped into one!


…is awesome.

One hundred and sixty six

(It’s June 16th.)

The reunion in Statesboro was today. It was actually really good this year. Usually Statesboro can be likened to what I think of as the gates of Hell. It is so hot and humid, you just can wait to get off of the little playground, that you inevitably end up playing at every year, attached to the venue of the reunion. I talked to some cousins I’ve never talked to before, talked to some cousins I see all the time, and talked to a soon-to-be cousin in July!!

This was the only pic that Mom took at the reunion.

Daryn (the soon-to-be cousin) and Strat

One hundred and sixty five

(It’s June 15th…ughhhh I let time slip by…again!)

Well most importantly, today is Hay Hay’s bday!!!!! He’s double digits today. Officially a “senior”! haha. Here’s to 10 more years with the most precious animal in all of the world.

My Hayden Leery

Non and I took Sarah down to Stateboro today for the reunion. Dud stayed home bc he didn’t feel well. Sarah is hilarious. When she gets to talking about serious stuff, it is the cutest thing ever. Quote of the day “I really like cute boys. I always have.” Me too, Sarah. Me too.