three hundred and forty five

(It’s December 12th.)

Busy day today. I went to lunch with Carin. Yes! It actually happened. We actually texted each other and we actually went out together. We ended up staying at Wings & Things for like 2.5 hours because we had so much to talk about. She told me about the move and I told her about all the stuff that’s been happening with me. I really love Car. She will remain someone in my life that I know I can trust and count on forever more. No matter if she’s in Savannah and I’m in Fayette, NY, Mexico, or Budapest. She will always listen to me. And not even like talk or give me advice or judge me. Just listen. Exactly what I need sometimes.

She and Clay moving away from here is almost like the closing of one part of my life. That’s how a lot of things have been this year. 2012 was a life-changing year for sure.

This evening, I went up to ATL to hang with this lovely lady:



We went to Elmyr, talked, drank, talked, laughed, and talked some more. We love to talk. Mostly about other people. And hot boys. And Mexico. I love her.


three hundred and forty four

(It’s December 11th.)

I got to go up to Lenox today with Lisaaaa! We walked around, literally bought 1 thing each, and then we went to hot yoga!!!!!

O.M.G. I forgot how good it feels!! And I thought I was going to die because I haven’t practiced since the summer, but I didn’t! I did the whole class and didn’t feel bad at all. Lisa told me she thought I’d be fine and I totally didn’t believe her, but she was right. After yoga we ate at Felini’s. I’m a shaky-all-over-my-body kind of sore, but it’s sooooo good!

My fave pics from the day:

This Santa looks like Dud. Also, I felt creepy taking this picture.

This Santa looks like Dud. Also, I felt creepy taking this picture.

How precious is this ornament with Teotihuacan?!

How precious is this ornament with Teotihuacan?!

Velcro shoe graveyard. Lisa lol'd at this site.

Velcro shoe graveyard. Lisa lol’d at this site.

three hundred and forty three

(It’s December 10th.)

I went shopping (again) today up in Fayetteville. The Pinterest bug bit me and I’m making presents this year so I had to go collect my materials!

Of course, right when I got there to go into the shops, the bottom dropped out. I stayed in the car for a good 10 minutes to wait until it let up. Definitely a gross day, but I got some stuff I’m super excited about!!

three hundred and forty two

(It’s December 9th.)

Clay and Carin have been great friends/mentors of mine since I was in high school. They got the opporturnity to move to Savannah to work at Savannah Christian Church and decided to take it! If not now, then when?! I’m excited for them because it’s a new adventure and era in their lives, but I’m sad because they won’t be here anymore. Obviously. Carin and I go way back. When we used to talk about everything from with boys to starting a motorcycle gang that takes food tours of the U.S. called “Fat Chicks on Bikes”. I love her.

Anyways, there was a going away party shindig for them this evening. It was good to see some people I haven’t seen or talked to in FOREVER!!

Carin and I set up a time to meet next week to talk. Hopefully it will actually happen! haha. 😉

three hundred and forty one

(It’s December 8th.)

Joy and I went down to Newnan today to shop around a bit. I picked up some Christmas presents and a couple things for me! 🙂

Tonight we ate dinner (Tombstone of course!), then we watched Christmas in Connecticut and then Pretty Little Liars!!! It’s been a pretty lazy weekend full of show watching greatness!

three hundred and forty

(It’s December 7th.)

Joy came over tonight for dinner and then we watched White Christmas!!

After the movie, I made some M&M cookies and we watched Pretty Little Liars!! Joy is FINALLY almost done with Season 2. She’s going to have to get caught up so she’ll be ready when it starts back in January!!

three hundred and thirty nine

(It’s December 6th.)

Being the wonderful care-taking daughter that I am, I took Non to Woodward today and then stayed there to do work on some cross stitching. I was so busy I didn’t eat lunch. Now that’s a big deal for me!! 🙂

three hundred and thirty eight

(It’s December 5th.)

I stayed home today with Non and worked on some projects I’m doing for some people. They involve a very crafty mindset. Let’s just say there’s drilling, paint, a sewing machine. cross stitching, etc. involved. Not all on the same projects though.

And did I mention I’m getting paid?! That’s the very best part!

three hundred and thirty seven

(It’s December 4th.)

I applied for a job in Clayton County today as a bilingual parapro!!! The job is at a Title 1 school in Riverdale and it would be IDEAL!!! I could have a steady paycheck AND speak Spanish all the time AND get to hang out with little Mexican children!! I’m hoping it works out!

We also had a surprise-ish birthday party for Mud! The whole family went over to her house and we ate Taco soup and cornbread!! It was fun to hang out with everybody, but we did all miss Charlie. He called Mud and she couldn’t believe it. She always is so astonished when he calls from Skype.

three hundred and thirty six

(It’s December 3rd. I know…I’m slacking off right here at the end!! That’s not good!!)

Non stayed home from work today on the account of she can’t walk. We all just did our own thing today and then watched some Christmas movies too. Including Miracle on 34th Street (the old one!) and Little Women!!

Little Women (the new one) is in my top 3 favorite movies of all time. It might even be #1. If you haven’t watched it before, you should. It really makes me cry every time I watch it. Cry in the best way possible, of course!

Doesn’t get any better than this…