three hundred and fifty five

(It’s December 22nd.)

We survived people!! Woohoo!!

Ning, Tar, Shawn, Adam, and I went to eat breakfast at Ria’s this morning. Delish! And we got to hang some more…which is always cool.

Tar and I headed to the church to pack food for people in Haiti. It was pretty fun. We got to work on Dud’s team and the time went by pretty fast. I got to use the plastic bag sealer. You know, like the ones on “As Seen on TV”?? Fun fun!! I think I have a talent for bag sealing.

After that we came home and ate pot roast for dinner!! (That’s Tar’s fave!)

(And if felt A LOT like Christmas weather today!!…finally….)


three hundred and fifty four

(It’s December 21st.)

Tar and I went up to ATL tonight for a little end of the world party. Obviously the world didn’t end, but the party was pretty right on.

Nathan, Phil, Zach, and Charlie were all in town and visiting the ATL folk. Life’s always so much more fun when they’re here!

No way to describe how much I laugh when I’m around those 4 boys. It’s oh so good!

And Otis is a Mayan prince:

He came from the heavens to escort us outta here.

He came from the heavens to escort us outta here.

three hundred and fifty three

(It’s December 20th.)

Strat, Sar, Mud, Betty, and Brad came down tonight for pizza and salad and to just hang out!!

It was such a great time! Sarah and I sang some Christmas songs together and I kept Strat company while she studied for her English exam. Love to hang with those sweet girls. It’s one of my favorite things!

three hundred and fifty two

(It’s December 19th.)

The Bowens and The Boyntons had their annual Christmas dinner tonight! We usually alternate years at each house and this year was the Bowen’s turn to host us.

The food–delicious. The company–wonderful. The pictures–the best.

The funny thing about the pictures is that every year the kids try to take funny pictures of the adults. It always works. And they always get mad.

This year's Christmas pic.

This year’s Christmas pic.

Me and Lis!

Me and Lis!

No more pics.

No more pics.



Funny face

Funny face

The 3 kids. Chris and Ashley were missing...

The 3 kids. Chris and Ashley were missing…

We had a lot of fun and everyone loved their presents. And Tar made some DELICIOUS hot wine!!!

three hundred and fifty one

I’m currently feeding Mrs. Birdsong’s animals, Crumpet (a horse) and Faye (a kitty). Crumpet’s a little under the weather, so I’ve been having to watch her to see if anything has changed in her behavior–which is really nerve-racking to me…

But, she seems to be doing okay so far. Also, Faye is fluffiest kitty ever. And she loves to meow and get her belly rubbed. She’s so great.

Here is what they looked like today!

Faye in the sun

Faye in the sun

Baby kitty

Baby kitty

There she is. Crumpet!

There she is. Crumpet!

Sweet girl.

Sweet girl.

I get to pretend I'm a horse girl again. My name was Thunder Hoof in Indian Guides. She's back for the week.

I get to pretend I’m a horse girl again. My name was Thunder Hoof in Indian Guides. She’s back for the week.

three hundred and fifty

(It’s December 17th.)

I was finally reunited with TAR!!!

We pretty much just chilled and ate dinner with Mim and Pap and then we went up to ATL late this evening to hang out for a little bit.

Life is so much better when we’re all home.

three hundred and forty nine

(It’s December 16th.)

I drove to Huntsville today to meet Megan and then we drove to Nashville to see……….(drumroll)………….Andrew Peterson at the Ryman!!!!

Megan and I usually go, but for the past 2 years, we haven’t been. It’s our annual thing. That’s what we do. I swear, I know I’ve said it before, but I love Megan Killen. That girl will listen to me complain any day of the week and not care (to my face at least). And she’s one of funniest, fun people I know.

We had some interesting experiences. From the cheesy synth player in the restaurant we ate dinner at to the hot men playing on the stage at Andy P to the kids sitting beside us at the show.

But freal. We’re moving to Nashville. Soon. And I need to meet a songwriting dreamboat who is the voice ying to my yang. ASAP. I want my life to be singing and shows.

Pictures? OK!
(In sequential order…)

Dinner @ Coco's Italian Market. So romantic.

Dinner @ Coco’s Italian Market. So romantic.

Looking sooo skinny in front of the Ryman!

Looking sooo skinny in front of the Ryman!

Just our little seats.

Just our little seats.

There’s something so surreal about sitting in the Ryman. I can’t even imagine performing there. That’s when you’ve pretty much made it. Here’s hoping…

three hundred and forty eight

(It’s December 15th.)

Joy spent the night last night because we had Laura and Lee over for dinner! It was fun to visit with them. We thought it would be a game night, but it actually wasn’t because of all the talking that happened!

Anyways, Jo didn’t stay, but we were busy preparing for Tar’s arrival tonight. Until we got the call that his flight was cancelled and he wasn’t leaving until the next morning from Paris. Bummer. Because I’m going to Huntsville tomorrow to see Megan (and then to Nashville to see Andy P), but then I’m coming home on Monday. Oh well!

I did finish a present for one of my besties today though!! I hope she loves it. But I know she will…

three hundred and forty seven

(It’s December 14th.)

What a terrible day for our country. 26 people killed. Most were Kindergarteners. I don’t understand. No one really understands. I guess there is some comfort in that. You know? If we could understand it, maybe it would be that much worse.

People who have posted and said things about gun control are out of line. People who have made this a political stance about taking prayer out of schools are out of line.

These are 26 lives that are forever gone. Never to see another birthday, graduation, wedding, prom, sunrise, etc. and the list could go on and on. The stories of the teachers, my age, that saved their children by sacrificing themselves will forever be heroes. Their names might fade from the media and the minds of all of our lives, but to those children, their names will be remembered as the brave women who saved them that day. I can’t imagine. LIke president Obama said, the children in that school who were not physically harmed and will be sleeping in their beds tonight have lost something precious. They have lost their innocence at such a young age. They will never be free from fear for the rest of their lives.

So, in light of all of this hate and horror, here are some small things that happened this year that might serve to restore your faith in humanity. (<–Click there) Baby steps.


Three hundred and forty six

(It’s December 13th.)

Non’s office came over for a Christmas party tonight. Dud and I were busy all day getting the house and the food ready for everybody. It turned out to be a really nice night. Stratton came home with us and watched the little girl that came. She was hilarious and we had some good laughs at her.

I tried to help Strat with her English homework. It was Latin. I’ve never done that before. It seemed fun though! She really didn’t think so… 🙂