three hundred and forty seven

(It’s December 14th.)

What a terrible day for our country. 26 people killed. Most were Kindergarteners. I don’t understand. No one really understands. I guess there is some comfort in that. You know? If we could understand it, maybe it would be that much worse.

People who have posted and said things about gun control are out of line. People who have made this a political stance about taking prayer out of schools are out of line.

These are 26 lives that are forever gone. Never to see another birthday, graduation, wedding, prom, sunrise, etc. and the list could go on and on. The stories of the teachers, my age, that saved their children by sacrificing themselves will forever be heroes. Their names might fade from the media and the minds of all of our lives, but to those children, their names will be remembered as the brave women who saved them that day. I can’t imagine. LIke president Obama said, the children in that school who were not physically harmed and will be sleeping in their beds tonight have lost something precious. They have lost their innocence at such a young age. They will never be free from fear for the rest of their lives.

So, in light of all of this hate and horror, here are some small things that happened this year that might serve to restore your faith in humanity. (<–Click there) Baby steps.



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