three hundred and forty nine

(It’s December 16th.)

I drove to Huntsville today to meet Megan and then we drove to Nashville to see……….(drumroll)………….Andrew Peterson at the Ryman!!!!

Megan and I usually go, but for the past 2 years, we haven’t been. It’s our annual thing. That’s what we do. I swear, I know I’ve said it before, but I love Megan Killen. That girl will listen to me complain any day of the week and not care (to my face at least). And she’s one of funniest, fun people I know.

We had some interesting experiences. From the cheesy synth player in the restaurant we ate dinner at to the hot men playing on the stage at Andy P to the kids sitting beside us at the show.

But freal. We’re moving to Nashville. Soon. And I need to meet a songwriting dreamboat who is the voice ying to my yang. ASAP. I want my life to be singing and shows.

Pictures? OK!
(In sequential order…)

Dinner @ Coco's Italian Market. So romantic.

Dinner @ Coco’s Italian Market. So romantic.

Looking sooo skinny in front of the Ryman!

Looking sooo skinny in front of the Ryman!

Just our little seats.

Just our little seats.

There’s something so surreal about sitting in the Ryman. I can’t even imagine performing there. That’s when you’ve pretty much made it. Here’s hoping…


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