three hundred and forty five

(It’s December 12th.)

Busy day today. I went to lunch with Carin. Yes! It actually happened. We actually texted each other and we actually went out together. We ended up staying at Wings & Things for like 2.5 hours because we had so much to talk about. She told me about the move and I told her about all the stuff that’s been happening with me. I really love Car. She will remain someone in my life that I know I can trust and count on forever more. No matter if she’s in Savannah and I’m in Fayette, NY, Mexico, or Budapest. She will always listen to me. And not even like talk or give me advice or judge me. Just listen. Exactly what I need sometimes.

She and Clay moving away from here is almost like the closing of one part of my life. That’s how a lot of things have been this year. 2012 was a life-changing year for sure.

This evening, I went up to ATL to hang with this lovely lady:



We went to Elmyr, talked, drank, talked, laughed, and talked some more. We love to talk. Mostly about other people. And hot boys. And Mexico. I love her.


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