three hundred and thirty five

(It’s December 2nd.)

So before I start into the saga that was today, let me just say that I found the 90’s Country music station on Pandora and it’s been playing nonstop. I wish that country music was still like that. I also wish they still looked like David Lee Murphy. Don’t know him? Finish this tune…”There might be a little dust _________, but don’t let it fool ya about ____________.” 🙂

90's Dreamboat??

90’s Dreamboat??

Ok. So. It all started with Hayden Leery. He was being totally defiant this morning and ran out of the gate before we could put his collar on. We pulled up to the end of the driveway and Hayden ran by, stared us right in the eye, and ran by down the dirt road. Took off. Non said “You just leave me here, and I’ll bring your car”. (Because I had to be at church early for practice.) I get to church, practice, the service starts and I still don’t see Non. I finish singing, sit down and check my phone and see I have like 3 texts. From Non. That say “Just a little problem. I think I might have broken my foot. Aunt Cindy came and picked me up and we’re going to Urgent Care at 1pm.” I was like…seriously?!? I call Non when I get out of church and find out that she had everything in the car ready to go and realized that the keys were still inside and she was locked out. So, she got a folding chair (why a folding chair? We’ll never know…) to stand on to get the key from the hiding place and when she turned to step down, the chair folded up and she fell off. We agreed that we wished that was on camera. Because it would have been so funny to look back on. She hopped in the house, called Aunt Cindy, she picked her up and then they went to Urgent Care. After I took Mud to lunch, I met them down there. Luckily, her foot is just badly bruised, but the doctor said to stay off of it and it might take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks to heal. She’s hobbling around on crutches and Dud and I are taking care of her. Poor Non! 😦

I’m just glad she’s ok! It could have been much worse. Needless to say, DON’T STAND ON FOLDING CHAIRS TO GET HOUSE KEYS! Especially when there are step ladders available.

And. It’s all Hayden’s fault.


One thought on “three hundred and thirty five

  1. Non says:

    Thank you to my sweet daughter and dear husband! They are definitely making my life easier during this time.

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