three hundred and twenty two

(It’s November 19th.)

I realized that my posts are kind of boring now that I don’t have Tar with Karen’s awesome camera taking pics. That being said, I can’t wait until Tar comes home for Christmas! Ugh. I didn’t realize how much I loved hanging with him every day!!

Today was kind of a lazy-ish day. I did some more stuff with my boards. Non and Dud introduced me to this great show on PBS called “Call the Midwife”.

(Which leads me on a tangent about Downton Abbey. If you haven’t watched Season 3 yet…BEWARE! It’s so incredibly good, but it will get you!! When you least expect it!)

Anyways, Call the Midwife is a really good series! It’s set in the 1950’s in the slums of London about a girl named Jenny working as a midwife there. It’s not all about babies and birthing, there are other story lines as well. I cry almost every episode…which isn’t saying much. 🙂 It’s a great show. I recommend it. Click here to get the link to watch it if you’d like!


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