three hundred and sixteen

I finally got to see Lisa!! We performed our ritual walk around Lake Peachtree. Talked about boys, friends, life, then we went to eat dinner at Chopsticks!

Now, I have been to Chopsticks many times. Never have I laughed as much as I did tonight. Our waiter was loooooving us!

It’s funny because I’ve told Megan the same exact thing I told Lisa tonight. They both are the types to just like talk to people when we go out. Like Lisa just started talking to the waiter tonight and Megan does the same thing. I just order my food. It doesn’t even cross my mind to strike up a conversation. I’m not rude or stuck up, but I just don’t flirt or take the time to talk. haha. It’s so funny.

Anyways, our waiter, Sam, was loving it. He guessed that I was 17 and when I told him I was 26 he like walked away from the table bc he couldn’t believe it. But the icing on the cake was the flowers he made us out of paper towels.

Not my greatest picture, but the flowers are the important part!

To say we got the VIP treatment was an understatement. We got invited twice to celebrate after Sam finished work at 10. And we got ice cream, you guessed it, courtesy of Sam.

We also discovered why it’s good that we’re not together for everyday situations in our life. We literally couldn’t do it. We’d laugh all the time and people would think we were b’s bc they would think we were laughing at them, when we’re really just laughing that we were in the situation together.

Ohhhhh man. I love Lis.


One thought on “three hundred and sixteen

  1. lisa bowen says:

    haha sam. The funniest part was like you said, “like what would we do when sam gets off at 10?”

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