three hundred and seven

(It’s November 4th.)

Well, Tar headed back to Budapest today and I headed back to Atlanta. I guess now is good of a time as any to say it aloud.

I also got first class from Prague to New York and then I got on the flight from New York to Atlanta. I had a really painless travel day. Everyone was nice. My luggage made it to Atlanta. I arrived home safe and sound. To Hayden Leery. I can’t even say how good it was to sleep in my (full size!!) bed. Nothing like coming home.

The main reason I came home was money, but I also didn’t try that hard to find a job. I really did have a lot of fun in Budapest. I saw a lot of awesome places, went to some cool bars/tea houses, and, most importantly, met some truly wonderful people! But, that being said, it’s not where my heart is! My heart is in a crazy state right now to say the very least, but I want to be able to use my second language, hang out with my girlfriends, and not be thousands of miles away crying on Skype when I’m having a bad day. Tar, Zach, and Karen were so great and I thank them so very much for all they did to make me feel at home. It was so great to hang with Tar everyday. It felt like old times and I have to say, I really did love it. I’m so glad I got to spend that time with him before life takes us in different directions. But…there are no replacements for a best girlfriend. There’s not much in life that is. I’ve found that out in the past few months. It’s funny how you think some things in life are always certain, mainly the relationship that you thought would stand the test of time, but once that’s over, you still have your best friends there to pick up the pieces of yourself and try to help you put them back together.

But anyways…I digress! haha. Basically, it’s back to real life for me now. Trying to figure out what I’m doing and what I’m going to do next. Excuse my French, but it sucks. But I’m sooooo happy for the time I got to spend in Europe! I will always cherish those memories!!


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