Three hundred and four

(It’s November 1st.)

Tar and I took the 6:30 am bus to Prague today. I didn’t sleep as much as I had hoped…but I got to take a nap this afternoon. A good, uninterrupted, warm, 3 hour nap. (After all, I only slept about 2 hours last night…)

One of Karen and Kait’s friends, Olivia, has a French roomie and all of his friends came over to their flat, so we went to hang out for a bit. There were literally like 20 French guys and then our little group. They were all suuuper nice. Tar and I talked to a couple guys pretty much the whole night and we learned some new words in French. haha. It was fun!

Let me just say, I’m glad I got a nap this afternoon! haha. I would have been dead!!


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