two hundred and ninety

(It’s October 18th.)

My last full day in Prague! We decided to meet some people today for lunch-Czech Rep. style! It got dumplings with pork. Definitely a good decision. They weren’t really dumplings as us Southerners know them. I would describe them as sliced French bread soaked in gravy from a pot roast. Yeah. It was good. We spent the rest of the day meandering around Prague. We sat and people watched for awhile, played “the next guy that walks by is your husband” game, went home, drank wine, made some homemade french fries, and watched a movie. We leave on the 7 am bus tomorrow, so it couldn’t be a late night.

Once again. My favorite pictures from the day.

Pork and dumplings

Parental Advisory…weird picture in the bathroom. I just had to take a picture.

More skyscapes

Our people watching view

We ventured back to the Senate Gardens and discovered peacocks, ducks, and Japanese goldfish!


Me and Karen

Thank you SOOOO much to Karen and Kaitlyn for letting me sleep on the spare bed. I had so much fun!!


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