two hundred and ninety two

(It’s October 20th.)

So we were ALMOST late for the train to Belgrade today. And of course we had everyones tickets. Of course. But the good thing was we weren’t late and we got to sit in compartments. I felt like I was going to Hogwartz. Totally dorky of me, I know. The train ride was ok. It wasn’t super boring actually and the scenery was right on. We watched the sunset!

When we arrived to Belgrade we checked into our hostel (which was very nice! If you’re looking to go to Belgrade HERE is their website!) and we went out to some really cool bars. It was a fun night of dancing and people watching!

Here are some pictures to commemorate Day 1 in Belgrade!

Karen and Me

Closing in on Serbia



Ahhh. Beauty!





Tar’s like Hay

Dirt roads

Sunset from the train

Tar is posted up!

Prom pic

Just having a good time

The hostel cat named “Mao”

This cool underground bar. We pushed open a door to find it.

Tar and Zach

Beso Beso Beso!!


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