two hundred and ninety three

(It’s October 21st.)

We slept in, went to the market to buy some cheese, bread, and tomatoes, ate it on the ground, then walked around for the rest of the day. It was beautiful today! The weather is warmer than it is in Budapest and it’s sunny! We also got to watch the sunset for the 2nd day in a row!

I’ll let my pictures do the talking. It’s really great here!

Hostel garden

Face mash up


Our album cover

Pretty little building

the Market!

market aisles

You got flowers in yo sunglasses


Karen and I buying cheese from this precious old woman

Eating on the grouuuund

Mao #1

Just hanging

Mao #2

Just walking

Cathedral of St. Sava


These people asked Karen to take a picture of them. Naturally Charlie took one too.


We thought that Policeman was going to tell us to get off the stairs, but he was really just taking a smoke break.

Pigeons were going ham on that bread

Fall flowers


Is that bigfoot in the background?

One of the prettiest parks I’ve been to.

Best shot of the trip. Intense game of chess.

the river

Cool pose, tar

Group shot #1

Sunset from the fort


One for Non

Russian faces


Group shot #2 (minus Charlie)

They couldn’t get the jump shot right


Heavenly dinner. Pljeskavica, sausages, tomato/cucumber/cheese salad.

We’re funny

Mao #4

Mao #5

Just hanging

the Park!


Funny times

Sooo happy!

Karen thinks I’m weird

Pall Malllllllllllll


One thought on “two hundred and ninety three

  1. Non says:

    BTW: that’s an intense game of CHESS…..not poker! Hahaha

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