two hundred and ninety six

(It’s October 24th.)

It’s TAR’S BDAY TODAY!!! He’s 24 on the 24th!!

To celebrate the day of his birth, we (Karen, Zach and I) made him a birthday feast! Bourbon chicken, mashed potatoes, Mim’s mac and cheese, sliced tomatoes, bread, and cinnamon coffee cake!! And sweet tea!! It was pretty glorious. Tar’s tummy hurt, but he drudged through and ate what we cooked him. I think it might have even healed him! After, some friends came over and we hung out for awhile and laughed a lot.

I’m so thankful to have Char in my life. He’s a great brother. Mimi always said we’d grow up and be best friends. I don’t know if we’re best friends, but he’s pretty high up on my list! I love him.

Here are some pics to commemorate his 24th!

the birthday boyyyy!

the birthday boyyyy!

the exchanging of presents

2 kinds of peanut butter?!

And his fave print from Printa?!

And some cool pens for note taking?!

Karen bought him an “I’m Sorry” card because she didn’t know how to say “Happy Birthday” in Hungarian. haha.

Presents rule!!



Fun times



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