two hundred and ninety one

(It’s October 19th.)

Today was a LONG boring bus riding day. It wasn’t actually too bad, but both Karen and I were glad to be in Budapest at the flat. We pretty much just chilled all afternoon. We’re leaving tomorrow for Belgrade, Serbia (another 8 hours on a train…ahhhhh!). Because I don’t have any pictures from today, I’m going to post some from when Karen, Kaitlyn, and Jordan came to Budapest last week. Karen let me download her pictures onto my computer! (Pretty much all of the pictures I’m posting are Karen’s. Some are mine, but she gave me permission!!)


Tram to the castle

Kaitlyn and me leading the way once again….

Me, Karen, Kait, Jordan

Tar and Me

This guy and Charlie looked verrrrry similar. He didn’t think so.

Me, Tar, Karen


Quote of the day:
“Awww. Look at that old couple holding hands!” -Me
“They do that to brace themselves.”-Tar
“What?! They do, Dit!” -Tar

Tar and Karen


Fisherman’s lookout

Cool door

Spinning chairs!

How sweet!


Double exposure Budapest




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