two hundred and ninety eight

Finally I’m caught up!!! That is definitely a positive!

I’ve been chillaxing for the past 2 days because I can feel myself getting sick. It’s moved from my chest to my throat. I’ve been drinking tea and hot drinks like nobody’s business. Tonight, Charlie made me some ginger tea with honey and I didn’t even ask him to do it. What a nice bro.

I’m really hoping this doesn’t escalate into something more that just a little sore throat…

Agnes darted out the door today when we came home from dinner and wouldn’t come back. After worrying about her for like 30 minutes, we went and saw that she was ouside in the courtyard. Charlie and I rounded her up and he picked her up and brought her back into the house. Whew. We were getting awfully nervous!


One thought on “two hundred and ninety eight

  1. Non says:

    Soooo glad y’all rescued Agnes! That would have been tragic.
    Missed Bubs on his b/d but loved the pics! Thanks!

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