two hundred and eighty nine

(It’s October 17th.)

Another glorious day! We walked around (and up!) Petrin Hill. It was beautiful from the top. All of the trees are changing colors and there is a chill in the air! Tonight we went to this Irish Pub to watch the presidential debate then to an underground maze bar. It was really cool. They have a seasonal wine called Borchak, which is pretty much like carbonated juice, so we ordered some pitchers of that and sat around and talked. It was really fun.

The following are my favorite pictures from today.

Communism memorial

Cobblestone paths

Karen, Kaitlyn, and Gwen

Kaitlyn’s mean face

Yellow trees



Kaitlyn and me leading the pack

Stray kitties

View from (not quite) the top

Kait and Karen

Can you believe this?!

The Eiffel Tower of Prague. That’s really what it’s called.


Hall of mirrors

The Hunger Wall. Built in the mid-14th c. by the poor to supply food and goods for their families.

Liiiittle door just for me

Monastery on top of the hill

Me, Karen, and Kait

Eavesdropping on some Spaniards standing next to me

The view.

Gwen, Olivia, Kait, me, Karen

Autumn trees

the SKY!!

Sunlight and clouds!


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