two hundred and eighty eight

(It’s October 16th.)

We walked around A LOT today. Prague is BEAUTIFULLLLL! (Don’t tell, but I think it’s prettier than Budapest!!) It has more color and it’s almost magical. I know that sounds totally dumb, but you just have to experience for yourself. The buildings and landscape seem like a fake little European town. And the sky!

I’ll just let the pictures do the talking. (In fact, all of my posts for the next week and a half will probably be mostly pictures. I’m sure no one objects to that though…)

Astrological calendar in the square



Want a ham?

Church in the square

The main square



The river!

The gate to enter the Charles Bridge

Views from the bridge

Brass bands playing on the bridge

Charles Bridge

Autumn streets

the Castle

the Cathedral (aka Notre Dame of Prague)


red rooftops!

Weird fountain

natural bench

Statue and Ivy everywhere!

We found the coolest park EVER. It’s the Senate Gardens. This wall was CREEPY. It had hidden faces and serpents and frogs within this mass of what looked like lava rock. Best find of the day.

See the faces?!

Senate Gardens

Sun door

Senate garden


Ahhhh! Cool doors everywhere.



Hey there!!

How they get out of paying a gardener.


I’m going to live here one day with my 15 dogs.

Here’s hoping tomorrow will be just as wonderful as today was!!


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