two hundred and eighty five

(It’s October 13th.)

We got kind of a late start this morning, but we did get to have lunch at a delicious restaurant that I wrote about earlier (with the chicken and apple curry!!).

Zach and Jordan

Tar and Karen

Caitlyn and Me

After, we went and walked in a really pretty part of town. Then, we found the most magical place in all of Budapest (maybe even ever…). It’s this little tea house that was basically like an indoor tree house. You climb up to a space and sit on carpeted like perches and they deliver your tea to you. It was sooooo awesome. And I think there was some kind of calming/silly substance they were lacing the air with. We were all giggles. And glassy eyed. Tell me this isn’t one of the coolest things ever (sorry about the blurry-ness, I didn’t want to flash…aaaand…the pictures don’t really do it the justice it deserves).

The tea house!

Like a fort!

Cinnamon Pear tea

Our little perch

After tea, we went and walked along the river and got to see the bridges at night! It was quite pretty. These are some of the other photos we took throughout the day. Just an assortment!

Jewish temple

So hot right now.

Pretty building

My favorite picture from the street photo exhibition

And last, but certainly not least…









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