two hundred and eighty two

(It’s October 10th.)

It was a beautiful day today! Tar and I walked around a little bit, he made us lunch, and then we went to the ole regular–Eco Cafe–to read/translate/google random things. It’s always funny to watch people there. I know that seems creepy, but it’s just observing! haha. There are so many different people who come in though. Usually they’re speaking other languages, but funny things happen.

LIke one time, the man sitting next to us was trying to get out of his chair that had arms. So he leans to the side to get up, and the front leg just broke. But, because the chair had arms, he was stuck in this awkward half forward, tilted position where he just sat there like that for awhile. Charlie like didn’t know what to do. hahahaha. Finally his girlfriend helped him and told the baristas. These 2 women came over and tried to just put the broken leg back in place, but finally surrendered and took it away. We laughed about that for awhile.

If you imagine what an IKEA coffee shop would look like, that’s what Eco Cafe looks like. Everything is white and clean, but cozy at the same time.

CLICK HERE to see their website! Go to the “Gallery” at the top to look at their pictures!


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