two hundred and seventy eight

(It’s October 6th.)


We all ventured to IKEA today to buy some things. I needed a mirror and some candles and a lamp. I got all three!! They all make my room look so much better! I wanted a rug too, and they weren’t that expensive, but I couldn’t spare the extra change! Anyways, I was happy with my purchases and altogether, I bought a lamp, mirror, candles, light bulbs, and a tote bag for about $30!

The mirrors are neat because they are just 4, each a square foot and they stuck right on to the back of my closet doors. I even got creative and put one on the other closet door to create a 2-sided mirror. LIke in a dressing room! I’m just so inventive! The lamp is the perfect brightness and it is the perfect touch I needed instead of the dark, hallogen overhead lighting. I don’t even turn that on anymore!!

We also we to this place called Media Market to try to find a Crock Pot because Charlie entered an art contest at school and won the 3rd prize! About $100 gift certificate to this place kind of like Best Buy. They have LOTS of things, but alas, no Crock Pot. Which totally stinks, because we were planning out meals! Oh well…


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