two hundred and seventy four

I went out on a mission today to find the school where Zach and Charlie go. I got out, saw that it was overcast and it had been raining and though…ehhh…I’ll just go–it probably won’t rain anymore. Turns out that it rained a lot. hahaha.

I walked for about an hour and a half. I thought I could rely on my memory to find where I was going, but I couldn’t. I was in the general direction, but not the exact spot. Oh well! I got a rain bath and I got to walk around by myself for the first time.

After dinner at a place called Hummus Bar, which was insanely delcious, Zach and I met up with some of his friends this evening (Charlie had to go home and read…the life of a grad student) at this really cool bar. We stayed for about 3 hours and it was really fun. I enjoyed it a lot!!

No pictures from today because it was raining cats and dogs! I’ll try to have one everyday though.


One thought on “two hundred and seventy four

  1. Cherie Stone says:

    Of, course, I read this in the reverse and when I saw the cat in the window I thought,”what a great window!” and then you say how much you always wanted a window like that! Too funny! So glad you are there and settling in. Be well and will keep you in my prayers. Love ya!
    Cherie Stone

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