two hundred and seventy two

(It’s September 30th.)

Today, Zach, Tar, and I went out and about the city and walked a lot. They took me to see all of the touristy things in Budapest.It was great! I’ll include some of my favorite pictures.

Blue Danube

the palace!



bridge and a full moon

Also, at CEU (Central European University, where Tar and Z go to school), they are having an art contest about surveillance, so Tar came up with an idea, and we helped him carry it out. It involved taking stealth pictures of random people. Never have I felt so creepy in my life. These turned out to be the best.

a real hotdog stand. rebel flags? really?

group shot! From reaaaallly far away.

The flash went off in his face.

Oops…bad timing on my part.





2 thoughts on “two hundred and seventy two

  1. Non says:

    Wow! The pics of the city are amazing. Wish I was there…..

  2. meggie says:

    I agree with Non! The full moon pic is my fav!

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