two hundred and sixty eight & two hundred and sixty nine

(It’s September 26th & September 27th.)

I got on both of my flights to Prague today! The flight to JFK was super roomy (roomie? I don’t really know…) and then I got first class to Prague!! Let me just say…there really is no other way to travel.

So if that isn’t enough already, I then got to the airport and immediately wanted to turn around and go back to ATL. I couldn’t figure out where to go! I finally asked an information woman, who was very nice, and with the help of some nice strangers, I got my 50+ lb bags onto the bus on the way to the train station. Get to the train station, buy my open ended ticket, look at the times…I was literally 1 minute late for the 11:42 train. Next train? 3:42. I’m in a place I don’t want to be, where I don’t speak the language, all alone and sooo sad, and now I’m stuck in the train station for another 4 hours…needless to say, I was emo, hungry, and weepy. I kept seeing couples reuniting and just so happy. Ahhh. I was pretty pathetic. haha.I’m so glad that part of the trip is over.

I got on the train and still had………….8 HOURS left before I arrived to Budapest. Wise words: if you move to Europe and you are alone and you have to take the train, DO NOT pack 2, 50 lb suitcases. You WILL NOT be able to manuever them and you WILL NOT be able to lift them over your head to put them in the luggage rack. But, one thing I will say is despite what people think about this “post-Communist” area of the world–every one that I have encountered has been more than willing to help and I had some people even ask to help me. Imagine that?! 🙂

Luckily, my insane over-packing led to having a microfleece blanket in my backpack. I pulled that thing out, rolled it up, and paaaaassseeeedddd out. Literally for about 4 hours. It was mouth-open-and-I-don’t-care-who-knows-it kind of sleep. And it was glorious. So anyways, about 4 hours and one conversation with a nice Solvakian who is moving to Canada soon (and who helped me get my bags down off of the luggage rack even though he probably weighed less than me) later, I was in Budapest.

This is how I felt about the last 2 hours of the train ride.

Got off the train and who did I see??


They were a sight for sore eyes. And sore shoulders from dealing with my bags all day. They took me home and Zach made me some quick spaghetti and I met Agnes!! and then I slept. Soooooooo well. In my tiny and cozy new room with windows like I’ve always dreamed about.


3 thoughts on “two hundred and sixty eight & two hundred and sixty nine

  1. You are so brave!!!! And I’m cracking up imagining you trying to manuever those bags!! Those windows… I die… I love those windows!

  2. Sherry says:

    So glad that you and Charlie are together….sharing a bathroom once again…..just like the “old days”…hahahaha. The window pic is sooooo cute! I can’t wait to see more pics. Love you!

  3. meggie says:

    POST MORE PICS! I am in love with that window. I wish I could be there to see all of this!

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