two hundred and sixty three

(It’s September 21st.)

I went to see Megan’s kids today. Hooooly moly. They are sooo cute. And she is so good at her job. With 18 pre-schoolers, I imagine things can get hectic, but I recognized it totally as organized chaos. They are so sweet and loving and hilarious.

It made me miss Mexico. Because half of her class is Mexican. I spoke to them in Spanish a little bit and they were just smiling and answering. So precious.

We then proceeded to go out tonight and have a good ole time in the span of about 2 hours. haha. It was pretty intense. I guess that’s how we roll in Huntsville.

we’re just 2 girls and we’re havin a good time

And Douglas found his howl this evening. So cute.

From Megan’s plethora of Douglas photos.



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