two hundred and fifty eight


Feliz cumpleaños mexicoooo!

It’s Mexico’s birthday today. I’ve been watching Televisa all night and crying because I miss it so…hahaha. I’m lame.

Two years ago, Yuyo and I went with his aunt, uncle, and sister to Mexico’s 200th birthday celebration. It was in the zocalo of Mexico City. (A zocalo is like a HUGE town square and like the center of any city, large or small.)

I love that Mexicans are sooo proud to be Mexican. I love the culture, the warmth, the hospitality, the pride, the people, the cities, the music, the FOOD. I miss a lot about it everyday. It has grown to be a part of my soul.

I will include a video of the festivities in 2010. Definitely the most elaborate and exciting party I’ve ever attended! It was an honor.

This is a video of “El Grito”. Every year, the president comes out on his balcony and waves the Mexican flag while he spouts off a participatory speech where he says things like “Viva los héroes que nos dieron la Patria” ( Long live the heros that fought for our land!) and the gente (people) yell “Viiiivaaaa!”. This goes on for a few exchanges, builds and builds, and at the end he says  “Viva México” (the gente yell) “Viiiivaaaa”“Viva México!”….“Vivaaaa!!!”….” Viva Méxicooooo!!”“VIVVVVAAAAA!!!” And that’s that!

P.S.-It’s actually the video that WE took. Those were our seats. Yeah…it was awesome.


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