two hundred and forty seven

(It’s September 5th.)

Today was a rather lazy day.

I guess it’s time to tell the world that I’ve decided that I’m going to move to Budapest, live with Zach and Charlie, and teach English for awhile. They need another roomie, so it works out perfectly! I’m going to try to find some jobs teaching at language schools, which means I’ll be teaching to adults. I’ve never done that before, so hopefully it will go swimmingly.

Zach has informed me that autumn in Budapest is awesome, so that pretty much sealed the deal. And getting to hang with Tar will be cool. Karen and her friend Kaitlyn are also living in Prague teaching English, so I’ll get to hang with them too!

I just think it’s a much needed get away for the moment. Mom and Dad (and Tar) and a bunch of people I’ve talked to are 100% all for it. It’s great experience and I’ll be able to travel!! Finally! I don’t know why I didn’t think of this plan sooner…(thanks Zach and Tar!).

That being said, I’m super excited and I’ve been making lists like crazy. Lists are my thing. Whether I can check anything off of them or not, I just love making them.

Now. If only I could get a seat in first class… : )


2 thoughts on “two hundred and forty seven

  1. Chile will be always waiting for you dear Brihan… see you soon!!!

    We love you…

    The Valencias

    • brittanlee says:

      It warms my heart to hear that. I haven’t given up on Chile! I still feel something pulling me there.

      Tal vez para aprender el español chileno. Que raro es!! 😉

      I love you guys too!!

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