two hundred and thirty eight

(It’s August 27th.)

I went to help the lovely Kathryn Yates with some Español (even though I feel like I didn’t do much) and to just hang out!

We went to dinner at La Fonda. Drank margs (strawberry and pomegranate). Talked drama. You know…the total usual. I love her.  A lot. I’m so glad we’ve grown closer over the year.

We got home, watched some Office eps (if you’ve never watched Gay Witch Hunt [Season 3, Episode 1] or The Convict, aka Prison Mike [S3, Ep 9], you need to. ASAP.) Zach came down and we all hung out and then went a party until laaate. It was quite a Monday night!

(Sorry the quality is so bad, but it’s still really funny…)


2 thoughts on “two hundred and thirty eight

  1. I ❤ prison mike! i got andres hooked on the office, which i'm pretty happy about because it's one of my favorite shows!

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