two hundred and twenty

(It’s August 9th.)

Megan didn’t have to work today, so we were just thrifting/hiking girls!!

After the thrift store adventures,

(where I found this!)


Megan took me to this trail where we hiked up to the top of one of the mountains in a state park. It was beauuuuutifullll! And, there was a storm rolling in, so we saw it far off in the distance. It was a perfect afternoon.


we looove hiking!!


For real.

After our hike we went to the little farmer’s market where I proceeded to step on Douglas very much to MY dismay and the whole market (who I feel totally labeled me as the “girl who steps on precious baby puppies and makes them scream in pain…”). After about 20 minutes he was fine and loved me again, but I was sooo sad! We hung there for awhile and then went home to eat some black beans and watch some Netflix.

Are you kidding me with this face??

I don’t want to leave Meggieeeee and Douglasssss!


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