two hundred and twenty one

(It’s August 10th.)

I went and helped Megan again in her classroom. It’s really coming together quite nicely. Now I want to go back and meet her little children. She took me to a Burrito joint for lunch. Delicious and cheap. Just how I like my burritos.

After school, Megan got her chest that she bought at the thrift store yesterday (she talked him down from $165 to $100!!) and we moved some stuff around in her room. It looks really good and the chest is absolutely awesome.

Megan’s new chest!

We were lazy girls tonight and just played with Douglas, watched TV, and ate Zoe’s Kitchen. Delicioso.

Can’t handle him.

I’m sad I’m leaving tomorrow. It’s been theraputic being here with Megan Leigh. I just can’t even explain how good it is to have somebody (or somebodiesss, Megan isn’t my only somebody!) that actually WANTS to talk about the same problems you’re having literally 20 times a day. To have a person that doesn’t care if you need to cry, in fact, encourages it. To have a person that you can pick right up with where you left off because you’re never really apart from them even if you aren’t in the same place. She’s been so great to share her bed with me for a week. That’s a big thing because both of us like sleeping alone better! haha.


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