two hundred and nine

(It’s July 29th.)

Since we only had about 5 or 6 hours to get home, we took it easy this morning. We decided to stop in Chattanooga to have lunch and walk around a bit. What a precious little city.

We ate at a place called Cheeburger Cheeburger. It was delicious. Like an old timey diner place. It’s a chain, but the burgers are so good, you’d never know it. They also had REAL cherry coke. I’m into that. A lot!

After lunch, we walked around the outside of the TN Aquarium. They have a bunch of sculptures mixed with water. There were tons of families out and kids playing in the fountain/sculptures. Quite lovely. We walked down the TN River, which was actually the beginning of the Trail of Tears. They have a bunch of monuments and plaques (written in Cheerokee!! and English)  commemorating the Native Americans that died in the horrible trek.

Phil swam in the river. Jumped off of a peer post. Like 10 feet into the water. I envied him because I wanted to do it too. I wish Claudia had the pictures posted, but I don’t have a picture. Just know that it was awesome.

After about 2 hours, we got back on the road and made it home for supper. Mrs. Cynthia Linkous had some wonderful cold salads prepared for us on arrival. We ate together and talked about the wedding. I got to hold and pet the precious kitty Atticus and then it was time for me to be on my merry way. Another hour to drive home. The Linkous’ graciously offered me a night in their house, but I declined in order to just get the last leg of the journey over with!

It was so sad saying goodbye to David and Claudia! It was such a great weekend of speaking Spanish and hearing Spanish and thinking in Spanish. It made me really miss having to do that. A lot. Like it made me want to move to a Spanish speaking country again. I think I’ve already said this, but I really like Chilean Spanish!


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