two hundred and eight

(It’s July 28th.)

We started our journey home today, but not before we stopped by Chicago to walk around and most importantly….


I love Darius. And I’ve missed him so since our hang out time in Mexico in August of 2010. It had been wayyyy too long.

So anyways, Darius lives in Chicago, and since Philip knows him too, we just hung out all the afternoon long! There was a big group of us actually. Michael and Heather, Clau and David, Greg, Frizz’s cousin, and the list goes on!

We walked around, ate hamburgers, walked some more, went up to the 96th floor of the John Hancock building for drinks, walked some more, hung out, and laughed a lot. It seems like the more I update this thing, the more that “laughing” and “hanging out” is mentioned in my posts. That makes me very happy because those are 2 of my favorite things to do…besides eat and look at Hayden.

The view from the girls’ bathroom was INCREDIBLE!!! I mean, it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. I guess when you’re approx. 1,000 feet up in the air looking down on a city, it tends to be pretty amazing.

We (sadly) left Darius and Chicago at about 5ish and headed for home. We decided to just drive as far as we could and then spend the night in a hotel. So…we drove and drove and drove to Bowling Green, KY (almost to Chattanooga) and spent the night there. The hotel was pretty cheap and it was a double with mirrors on the wall. In the words of David “I don’t know why a room with 2 beds would have mirrors, but whatever…” hahaha. Well put!

What a great, great day. Oh! And I kept Phil awake in the carride finding awesome rap videos and ICP’s Miracles. Take a look at this little jewel of a video/blog. I hope it makes you laugh as hard as it made us laugh. We both agreed that might be the hardest we’ve ever laughed in our lives.       (DISCLAIMER: it has some language…)


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