Two hundred and five

(It’s July 25th.)

We left today at about 12 pm for Chicago.

I arrived at the Linkous’ house and got some hot breakfast! Totally not expecting that, but it was delicious!

After LOTS of Spanish (and getting recalibrated into a Spanish state of mind…but Chilean Spanish, which I love!) and lots of driving, we stopped in Nashville to hang out with some of Phil’s cousins. They were super warm and inviting. We hung out in their precious house for a bit and then they took us to a ballin Italian restaurant. I got a Caprese Panini. Picture this: mozzarella, tomatoes, pesto, and garlic on a grilled and pressed sandwich. Ahhhh. I want it nowwww!!

We got back on the road and drove to Louisville to stay with an awesome guy named Greg…who is part of the Chilean Globalscope team…and his family. His parents were so kind to let us stay there and cook us breakfast! It was definitely a beacon in the cold, dark night. haha.

The day was great so far, and speaking Spanish 24/7 makes me want to move to a Spanish speaking country and get good again…

…maybe Chile?! Seria bacan!! jaja.


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