one hundred and ninety nine

(It’s July 20th.)

It was cloudy/overcast all day at the beach. In fact, there were some angry clouds, but it never rained. Non and I sat down there for about 3 hours this afternoon.

But that’s not the big news from today.

The big news from today is that JOY BUNGEE JUMPED!! She did a back dive off the platform and screamed all the way down. hahaha. It was awesome though. She’s the only person I know that’s ever done that. we were proud of her.

(Also, I feel compelled to say that tonight we played Phase 10 again, and I lost. But I lost soooo good, so it’s like I won! Let’s just say Non had 170, Joy had 210, and I had….wait for it…….400! hahaha. It’s a long way to fall from the top…)


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