one hundred and ninety three

(It’s July 14th.)

We spent all afternoon in the sun and talked about people. We not only talked about people, but we made up scenarios for all of their lives.

Big Daddy Jim has a huge belly, is from Louisiana, loves LSU, owns a car dealership, and is here with his family and his “grandbabies”.

The boys in a group next to us…namely Red Shorts, Blue Shorts, and Barack Obama…are Georgia Tech boys who came to the Grand Mariner to celebrate one of their 28th birthdays, have no interest in girls, are rich, and love computers.

And of course the cougars sitting next to us, all wearing their bikinis, smoking, gossiping, and flirting with the 20 year old umbrella boy (who we named Travis. He’s TOTALLY a Travis!).

It’s a hard business making up lives for all these people.


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