one hundred and eighty six

(It’s July 7th.)

Wedding day is here!!

Karen, Charlie, and I took the train up to White Plains where Non and Dud picked us up to drive us to the hotel. The wedding wasn’t until 6 pm, so we had time to chill, nap, eat lunch, hang out, and get ready! With all of that on the agenda, the afternoon flew by and before we knew it, it was time to get ourselves ready to get on the bus that was taking us to and from the ceremony/reception.

Everything took place at Daryn’s grandmother’s estate ouside of NYC. The house was unreal. So was the wedding. Something out of a movie or a book!

The ceremony was great. Daryn looked beautiful, of course. There were a couple of emotional moments. It was a very neat, unique ceremony in that it was a Christian/Jewish hybrid! They had a minister and a rabbi and took some Jewish traditions and integrated them into the more traditional Christian wedding vows and whatnot.

picture time!

the beautiful couple on one of the many nature trails

For some reason, Charlie was thinking it wouldn’t be open bar…needless to say, it was. After the ceremony, there were cocktails served on the terrace overlooking the pool, gardens, amphitheater, and 4 acre lawn with a reflection pool (yeah…you read that right) and then we were all herded into the tent for the reception.

That reception was seriously awesome. The best I’ve ever been to. Karen and I agreed. EVERBODY danced the night through. The band played great music, the food was great, and the alcohol was flowing. Strat, Sar, and Kimber were my dance partners for the night. We seriously all danced with night away along with Tar and Karen. (Kimber told me later that the lighting guys said they’ve done a lot of weddings, but had never seen such a formal, sit-down reception where people knew how to party.) People were out on the dance floor every chance they got. Even Dud. hahaha.

See how fun it was for yourself!!

I believed I captioned this “Hottest kids at the wedding”

Beautiful bride…and she’s our cousin now! (according to Sarah’s obsession!)

K and Me sweaty on the dancefloor

Girl cousins

The sleep that enveloped me after the reception in the cold hotel room was some of the best sleep I’ve had in my life. Glorious I tell you.


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