one hundred and eighty five

(It’s July 6th.)

Ning got off work today, so we had a fun-filled day of hanging out.

We woke up to the wonderful smell of pancakes at the Linkous B&B. Does it get any better? Prob not.

We strapped up our walking shoes and went to the High Line to walk around. If you’re in NYC and you’ve never been to the High Line, you should go. It’s basically a walking path/park made out of the old freight lines that ran through this part of the city. The coolest thing at the park is this super shallow fountain that is a wading pool. It’s a tiny step down from the normal sidewalk, and it’s cool and refreshing. You can take your shoes off and splash to your heart’s content.

Posing at the High Line. c/o Karen Karnicki

There are also popsicles. People’s Pops! Flavors like Blueberry Peach, Peach Mint, Rhubarb and Strawberry. Basically deliciousness. So of course we ate one!!

We grabbed lunch in Brooklyn at Drigg’s Pizza near Williamsburg. Bruschetta pizza. Beyond amazing. Then we decided to ride the Ferry down to South Brooklyn to walk around. What a beautiful area. I could dream of living in the updated lofts and drinking a Columbian iced coffee from the local coffee shop accross the street every morning while on my way to work. Or I guess if this is my fantasy, on my way out to shop and lunch with my bffs who decided to move to NYC with me too!! Best case scenario!

Back to Earth. We drank iced coffee at a little coffee shop, sat outside, talked, laughed, and stared out at the Hudson for awhile. Then decided to head back to Nathan’s house so he could shower up and get ready for work. Well, we ended up playing Spades. What a great, great game. After a couple games and some more headstands, Ning left for work and we decided to meet him there around midnight. What happened after he left was a whirlwind of dancing, singing (dueting with Tar!!), and blister popping.

I know, I know, that’s really gross. But, it had to be done. I couldn’t even walk the blisters on the balls of my foot were so big. I know, I know, even more gross. Needless to say, I was all bandaged up and going to the club with what I would like to think of as a gangsta’ lean, but really, I’m afraid it was more like a gimp. Oh well. Good thing you don’t have to gimp walk to dance.

After some dancing, some being hit on, some free drinks (shout out to Pam!!), and some laughing we decided to go home and go to sleep because tomorrow is the big wedding day!!

Beauty in a sunset. c/o Karen Karnicki


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