one hundred and eighty two

(It’s June 3rd.)

For some strange reason I got a surge of productivity today and accomplished many, many things. I scrubbed the ring off my toilet (it looks brand spanking new!), I cleaned the bathroom, cleaned my room, cooked all the food for the party tomorrow, pinned some shorts to hem tomorrow, packed for NY (if you know me, you know that packing before I’m supposed to be on a flight in 5 hours is a huge accomplishment in itself for me!), and did some organizing.

Ok. All well and good right?


This surge of productivity happened at about midnight and went until 5:30 am. I wasn’t even tired.

But at least I got all my stuff done?


One thought on “one hundred and eighty two

  1. lisa bowen says:

    ok i know you told me you had a surge at 12, but i had no idea the magnitude. You scrubbed your toilet ring AND packed ahead of time????!! I’m impressed brittan boynton.

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