one hundred and seventy six

(It’s June 27th.)

Finally I got to babysit the best cousins evvver!! I took Strat and Sar to Mim and Pap’s to swim. We were literally in the pool for about 3.5 hours!! I’m not a huuuge fan of being in the pool for long amounts of time unless it’s suuuper hot outside, but we had soo much fun! After some races, going down the slide, diving competitions, and, of course, handstands, we dried off and went to Fayetteville to eat dinner at home. The “best French Dip I’ve ever had” according to Stratton Marsh. The homemade French Dips are about as good as it gets when it comes to sandwiches in my humble opinion as well.

After dinner brought a paddle boat ride. A HILARIOUS paddle boat ride. Non, Sar, Strat and I were laughing our heads off. And of course Hay had to go too. He looked like Captain Morgan on the front of his vessel. Here are some pics commemorating our trip.

(Pics coming when I recieve them from my phone!)


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