one hundred and seventy seven

(It’s June 28th.)

We ate dinner with Joy and  Uncle Mike tonight at Taco Mac. It was fun! We talked about old times–that’s a given–and drank some beer! We went specifically for the free beer glasses they give with the beer of the month but alas, they ran out before we got there.

In other news, I got Joy hooked on Downton Abbey. It’s seriously like crack. I guess. I don’t really smoke crack.

Here are 5 reasons (that I thought of in literally 5 seconds) why YOU should watch DA if you haven’t already.

Clothes. And beautiful sisters.

Matthew Crawley.

Mr. Bates.

This romance. They are so perfect.

And the Matthew and Mary saga. Never gets old.


One thought on “one hundred and seventy seven

  1. You seriously got me addicted! Like, I can’t WAIT to watch all of season 1 at the beach!

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