one hundred and seventy eight

(It’s June 29th.)

Today I went to Mom to the Marshall’s in Griffin. Ohh my gosh. Who knew that would be one of the best Marshall’s I’ve ever stepped foot in?? They had tons of stuff. Too bad I don’t have a disposable income…

Lisa finally came back from the beach. What a life. She welcomed me home with some major schoolwork that she needed help with. Her online classes are INSANE and her teachers are seriously all stupid. Like, I want to punch one of them in the face. Hard. But, we learned how to write in HTML code to create a website. It was pretty fun.

I also finished Lisa’s jewelry boards. Pictures to come!!


One thought on “one hundred and seventy eight

  1. lisa bowen says:

    My jewelry boards turned out awesome, and I wouldn’t mind you punching my teacher in the face real hard.

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