one hundred and eighty

(It’s July 1st.)

This post is a lot about Mexico, so I’m going to write it in Spanish. The good thing is, a lot of people who read this blog don’t speak Spanish, so you’ll think it’s really good!! And a lot of people who speak Spanish and read this blog will probably think it’s not that good. haha.

Pues, este dia es un dia muy significante en el pais de Mexico. Hoy es el eleccion del presidente!! Espero que todos piensen muy bien en todo del eleccion y que toman decisiones que sean lo mejor para todo el pais.

Even though the “corrupt” party won in Mexico, a super important thing we can all take from this election (especially with our own presidential election coming up) is that the power lies in the people! Sobre todo, la gente tiene el poder de cambiar el pais, la vida y todo lo que quiera. El gobierno tiene poder porque nosotros se lo damos! Que viva Mexico (and the USA!)!!

Oh, and also. It’s really hot. 103 degrees? Seriously?


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