one hundred and seventy

(It’s June 21st.)

Lis and I ventured to Amicalola Falls today. Soooo beautiful.

And we met the most BAMF guy ever.

He was an older man, probably in his sixties. We were behind him at the base of the falls, and stopped to take pictures right before the set of 600 stairs (seriously), so naturally, he kept walking. When we started up the first mini set of stairs, he passed us…running down them. We stopped again to take pictures, and when we started the second massive set of stairs, he was right behind us climbing them again. He was a super nice guy, saying hi to everyone, encouraging everyone doing the stair challenge. When we got to the top (we didn’t stop once, thank you very much!), he congratulated us and told us we were strong. We started talking to him, telling him that he was our hero for exercising these stairs, and come to find out, he (with his running club) in October is running from Savannah, GA to Monterey, CA. Yes. That’s a CA. As in California. On Wednesdays, he trains 8 hours on the stairs and on Tuesdays and Thursdays he trains 10 hours. A day. Running up and down stairs. That’s the way to do it people. He is the ish.

Anyways, here are some pictures from our mini adventure.

Let’s hike to Maine?

Base of the falls

600 stairs later…

And the top of the falls!

All quiet on the trail


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