one hundred and sixty

Today was Ryan and Bethany Kiesshauer’s last day at Southwest…bummer! But, they did bring Brin to church. She is a precious, chubby cheeked little baby. I’m not a huge baby person at all, but she is truly a sweet little girl.

Tonight on TCM (Turner Classic Movies…arguably one of the best channels on TV these days), there was a “Behind the Scenes” Wizard of Oz program and then they showed the movie. I love it. A lot. But also, I wikipediaed L. Frank Baum, the author of the book “The Wizard of Oz”, and I discovered that he actually wrote 14 books in the Oz series. 

Oz was a fictional and fantastical land that, while he was still living, Baum was deemed official historian. Kind of channeling the whole Middle Earth/Narnia thing. Except L. Frank Baum was first! That made my summer. I will be reading them. And most of them are free on Kindle. It would be great to own hard, antique copies though. I’ll definitely be on the lookout.


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